Pick My Project Ready for Votes

Natimuk Centre of Local History

AHS to establish a vibrant Natimuk museum for significant local collections display – let’s make it happen with the Pick My project grant! Just choose this option in your list of three local projects.

You can vote for the Natimuk Museum of Local History on this page: https://pickmyproject.vic.gov.au/rounds/pick-my-project/ideas


The Natimuk Museum of Local History will be located in Natimuk as part of the arts and market precinct. Natimuk is a flourishing town fostering a distinctive balance between traditional farming enterprises, a vibrant arts community, and a dedicated Australian and international climbing fraternity.

The centre will house a significant collection of vintage machinery, paraphernalia and household items. Wide in its scope and historical importance, it is essential that this valuable resource be housed in Natimuk and be readily accessible. The site will present a fascinating tale of our past through the display of contraptions and trappings of our forebears.

The Natimuk Centre of Local History will enhance our diverse yet homogenous community. Visitors to “Nati” may find kinder children visiting the nursing home, farmers participating in arts projects or international climbers seconded into the local football team.

In the spirit of continuing to bring our community together this project will provide a focal point for local people to see and discuss their history whilst providing an historical perspective of the area to visitors.

The centre will display, preserve and promote this vital and valuable collection which forms a dynamic and irreplaceable link with the town’s people, past and future.

The Arapiles Historical Society meets at 7.30pm the first Monday of each month, at 57 Main Street, Natimuk. New members welcome!

The Research Center is opened to the public most Tuesdays from 2 to 4pm, at the same address.



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