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June 2021 update

Colin Webb Stories and Memories from My Life at Grass Flat 1931-2002

Colin turned ninety years old a few weeks ago. Sadly, his twin brother Neil passed when he was eighty nine.


Valma and Colin Webb have been playing together for many years: Val on the piano, Col on the organ. Brigitte Muir from the Arapiles Historical Society caught up with them at their Grass Flats home to record the history of their families in May 2021. Colin’s words and the voice recording of both Val and Col will be available later this year.

In the meantime, you can watch them play at this link:

The 2021 Calendar is out!

calendar 2021

Grass Flat State School No: 3192- 1908 – 1946                                                                    Artwork by Ruth Schilling, 1992

Featuring a black & white collection of historic schools and activities across the region, these calendars can be purchased from Natimuk’s Post Office, the Craft Shop and Milk Bar or by phone on 0400 531950.

We sincerely thank all contributors and supporters.

The calendars are now available for $10 each.

The Fourth Wave Exhibition November 2019

IMG_3707 german wagon

Lou Lang (dressed as a woman), Angus and Charlie McCuish ( wearing cap). The driver is Eric Werner. The German wagon was used to move the Lange family from South Australia to the Wimmera in the late 1800’s. This is a 1947 re-enactment. the Gladigau house, behind the wagon, now belongs to Eric and Sonia Jones.

Every second year in early November, while punters grab their hats and wallets and head to the Melbourne Cup,  The Frinj comes to Natimuk. Or Natimuk becomes the Frinj. A big arty farty fun festival that brings people flocking to town, and is an absolute joy for the inhabitants of our not so sleepy little town.

The Frinj Festival starts with a Hay and Thespian Mardi Gras (*) Parade on the Friday. It used to be that no one was watching it, because everyone was in it! These days, quite a few visitors line the street, and a significant amount of locals let their hair down in the Parade.

(*) this is a word play, courtesy of the inimitable Greg Pritchard, based on the name of the organisation auspicing the do ( ACT, Arapiles Community Theatre) and the fact that, well, we live surrounded by farmland.

DSC02840 mardi gras 2013

For the Arapiles Historical Society, the Frinj is an opportunity to share our history with the younger generation, the newcomers, and the visitors. There will be a display this year at the Garage, and Jennette Sudholz, researcher, has been busy gathering information on the fourth wave of inhabitants to the Wimmera, the German settlers who came from South Australia. We do possess an original German wagon ( from the Werner Family), which was part of the fourth wave of settlers/visitors to the area, after the first people – the Duanbarap-, Major Mitchell’s expedition (1836) and the squatters – such as the Wilson brothers (1844) and others. (**)

The German families came from the Mount Gambier- Penola area and stopped at the lake, with the Haustorfer, Speher and Klowss families first filling in land applications in 1871. (**)

jennette researching

Jennette , along with a few other dedicated volunteers, can be found most Tuesdays afternoon at the AHS Research and Archives Old Masonic Lodge home researching the history of our area.

Listen to Jennette’s interview and call for help HERE

(**) From Allan Lockwood’s book, Natimuk… The First Hundred Years

22 September 2019

AHS hosted the 2019 meeting of the WVAHS (Western Victoria Association of Historical Societies) Wimmera Zone on Sunday 22 September. We were lucky to have close to thirty representatives of Dimboola, Warracknabeal, Stawell, Horsham and Arapiles Historical Societies, as well as Elleyne Hockley from the History Victoria Support Group (RHSV) is  also the archivist of the Castlemaine Historical Society. She gave a very informative presentation on what the support group can do for local Historical Societies.

It was also a wonderful opportunity to trial outfits on our Arapiles Climbing Museum mannequins!

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