The Webbs of Grass Flat

Colin and Valma Webb share stories of life in Grass Flat when they were growing up. Here is the recording of our conversation.

Colin and Valma interview, Grass Flat, May 2021.

You can also watch Colin and Valma playing together here

The photo is for illustration purposes only. there is no link attached to it.

Photo Gallery

Grass Flat School No 3192. Twins Henry Herbert and Robert Webb are on the right, as is mother Myrtle Grace Smith.

Colin and twin brother Neil, who passed away in 2020. The photo was taken around 1954.

Colin and Valma’s wedding, 30 April 1958

From left to right: Valma, Colin, Jeffrey ( back), Stuart, Kerry and Janette.
From the old post office
Grass Flat Church, now a private residence.
Mount Arapiles/Djurid from the Webbs garden.

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