Creek Road Charlie

When I asked people on our facebook page who I could interview, Charlie McCuish was suggested as someone I could talk to about his life and memories.

I bumped into Charlie at the Showground Office a few weeks back, and so it came that he became the first interviewee in a series of Natimuk memories.

Charlie McCuish almost grew up in Melbourne. His dad died in 1945, when he was seven. Mother Olive could not handle Glenmore, the Creek Road farm on her own, and Melbourne based sister Myrtle invited her to relocate with the three kids, Charlie, Isabel and Angus …

Here is a gallery of the photos Charlie showed me at his place, Glenmore, on the Creek Road, the few he could dig out in time for our Sunday morning catch up..


Four generations of McCuish: Charlie, Matthew, Charlie Noel and Chas. ( from left to right)

IMG_3710 smoko at glenmore

Shearing at Glenmore, the McCuish property on Creek Road, Natimuk (1937). From left: Bill Weidner, Bill Morrison ( leaning),Neil Scott and Charlie Weidner.

IMG_3707 german wagon

Lou Lang (dressed as a woman), Angus and Charlie ( wearing cap). The driver is Eric Werner. The German wagon was used to move the Werner family from South Australia to the Wimmera in the 1870’s. This is a 1947 re-enactment. the Gladigau house, behind the wagon, now belongs to Eric and Sonia Jones.

IMG_3714 treshing machine

Charlie Senior used this treshing machine for contract work in the area.

IMG_3713 carting

Hay carting at Glenmore during WW2. From left: Charlie senior, Stan McLean (on leave), Kevin Homden.

IMG_3712 charlies dad

Charlie McCuish Senior at the beach in Portland

IMG_3718 olive

Olive McCuish, nee Homden.

IMG_3719 olive and myrtle

Olive McCuish and her sister Myrtle Bailey, in Melbourne.

IMG_3716 oat crop

Charlie McCuish Senior inspecting a heavy oat crop damaged by wind and rain.

One thought on “Creek Road Charlie

  1. Looks like the original Charles MacCuish who left the island of Harris, Scotland in the 1850s was my great grandfather Alexander (Alasdair) MacCuish’s youngest
    brother. Alasdair’s decendants are still; on the croft 11 Cuidinish (Quidinish) in Harris. My father Donald John MacCuish grew up on that croft.
    Deirdre MacCuish Bark
    Ontario, Canada


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